Each community in the Weaver Mountains region is unique in its own way; with unique histories, geologies / topographies / biodiversity, local culture and customs, demographics and local economies. The region as a whole offers diverse and individual experiences and opportunities for residents, businesses and visitors: There are schools, churches, fire districts, water companies, restaurants, artists, crafts folk, antiques, ranches, cemeteries, historical societies, community gardens, community centers, professional services, hiking/walking trails, bicycle and motor cycle routes, and so much more spanning that 25 mile range.Winding its way through the Weaver Mountains is Arizona Scenic State Route 89, a leg on the historic trans-continental, border to border US 89. The communities along and proximate to the S SR 89 corridor in the Weaver Mountains region are: Congress, Stanton/Octave, Glen Ilah, Yarnell, Peeples Valley, Kirkland Junction, Wagoner, Walnut Grove, Wilhoit, Kirkland, Hillside and Skull Valley covering some nearly 400 sq. miles.   

Yarnell Daze Annual Celebration

50 years of

Yarnell Daze

Where the Desert Breeze meets the Mountian Air.

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